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Best games: chess books

How Fischer Plays Chess

A learn and research of the video games of Bobby Fischer, the best chess participant the area has ever recognized

New York 1924

A really impressive event the most notable and recognized chess tournaments ever came about in ny urban in March and April 1924. It had a story that continues to be impressive at the present time: 3 global champions undisputed international champions, brain you gratifying their future. the beautiful functionality of the 55-year-old former international champion Emanuel Lasker.

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G3 Black's reply seems to leave him at least equal. Ng3 Black can't bring his queen to f6. a5-a4. Black is slightly better now. Rxe4?? Bd3 etc. Kg4 . Kf3 R5xe6! A good winning try. Black gets more than enough compensation for the exchange. Kg4 . Now he comes close to losing. Kxc4?! Rxb2 etc. Kxd6 A tough game. Nf1 g6!? I quite like this move. Be7f8-g7 manoeuvre but by a subtly different move order. g6 that can be met with 13... Nh5. Ne3 Black no longer has to worry about a pin with Bg5 and can just play Bf8 .

Nxd4 This (with 9 Nf5) is White's only try for any kind of pressure. Re1 Nc5 sees Black secure the bishop pair as well as a free and open game. Nxe7+ Qxe7 Black's doubled pawns are mobile and can control valuable centre squares. b3 h6!? c3 Nc2! Re2 d4 and Black had counterplay. Rxd1 Rad8 was completely equal, although Ljubojevic was beautifully outplayed and later lost. exf6 Qxf6 with a good game for Black because of the weakness of White's kingside. The text improves but does nothing to alter the assessment of the position: Black stands well here.

The text enjoyed a surge of popularity because of Oleg Romanishin's usage in the late 1970s. Bc2 Qc8! This neat finesse is why 11 d5 drifted back out of the limelight. h3 , when Bd7?! Nxe5! d6 'wins' the bishop pair. dxc6 Natural and best. b4?! see Tseshkovsky-Romanishin. Qxc6 This would also be my chosen recapture, but it isn't Black's only move. Ng5 d5 produced a complex struggle with chances for both sides. Nf1 Nb7!? The first and only example I have of this move in my database; Black intends simply to bring the knight to c5.

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