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By Bruce Albertson, Fred Wilson

ISBN-10: 1580420109

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Either a desirable problem and a good education instrument, those tough tactical difficulties aren't in simple terms enjoyable to unravel, yet nice for complicated rookies, intermediate, and specialist avid gamers to take advantage of as instruments to enhance their game.  strategies are awarded so as of trouble, in order that gamers can enhance from uncomplicated to complicated positions.  Examples from genuine video games illustrate quite a lot of strategies from the classics correct as much as the present games.  you are going to learn how to use pins, unmarried and double forks, double assaults, skewers, came across and double assessments, a number of chance tactics-and different crushing strategies as a part of their problem-solving challenges.  nice stuff and enjoyable too!  Illustrations.  192 pages

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How do you continue ? d2, in order to double rooks on the d-file. Option B : 18 g3 to put pressure on the light-squared diagonal with the bishop. Option C: 18 'lia5 , creating problems on the queenside. Test 7 2 Andersson - Miralles Cannes 1 989 Catalan Opening rE05) 1 c4 liJf6 2 liJf3 e6 3 g3 dS 4 �g2 �e7 5 0-0 0-0 6 d4 dxc4 Even though this capture seemingly leads to a passive game, Karpov gave it new life in the S ... bS 9 'lic2 i.. b 7 Black's plan is to prepare the break on c5 and White's is to impede this break, keeping his space advantage and control of the centre.

Option C: 15 CLld3 , keeping the positional advantages. Saltsjobaden IZ 1 952 Queen's Gambit, Ragozin Defence [03 8] Test 70 Test 69 1 d4 CLlf6 2 c4 e6 3 CLlf3 dS 4 cxdS exdS 5 CLlc3 �b4 Introducing the Ragozin Variation. Petrosian - Taimanov USSR Ch (Moscow) 1 955 Queen's Gambit, Semi-S lav [046] 6 �gS h6 7 �xf6 This exchange does not give White real pros­ pects of an advantage. c l . b4?! This development is considered dubious i n the Semi-Slav, because Black needs this bishop TESTS in the middlegame, but in those years the move was quite normal.

Ac I and 'fial , though not right now due to . . iDe4. B 14 iDxeS iLxeS IS iDf3 8 ... aS After R . b6 ! , with the idea of taking with the knight, we would get a different kind of position. 9 iLb2 iDc6 10 cxdS exdS If 1 5 iLxe5 'fixe5 1 6 iDf3, then 1 6 . . 'fid6, a square where the queen is better placed than on e7 . Is ... fc1 TESTS White should play 1 8 h 3 right now and then see what happens, due to the additional possi­ bility of moving the rook to d l . Of course, gen­ erally speaking, it i s good to exchange a pai r of rooks, on account of the weaknesses on the c­ file.

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