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This is often the 1st booklet aimed in particular at retaining lecturers brand new on contemporary advancements in Latin scholarship. Edited via Ronnie Ancona, a classics student with services in pedagogy, it positive factors contributions via tested experts on all the 5 Latin authors. each one essay combines theoretical fabric with Latin passages in order that teachers can see how virtually to use those tips on how to particular texts.

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Ovid’s apparent self-indulgence in a certain violent aestheticism in his literary treatment of sexual relations, reflecting as it does the discourses of power and gender that informed the Roman literary imagination. Few scholarly readers nowadays would be inclined to object to Ovid’s literariness per se, even in its sometimes extreme manifestations. The intertextuality of ancient literature, and especially of Latin poetry, has come to dominate discussions not only of Ovid but of virtually every major Latin text, and the brilliance of Ovidian practice in this area is on display in almost all of the studies that appear in the list of references appended to this essay.

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Bacchus brought both help and embraces to her, deserted as she was and much lamenting, and so that she might be renowned with an enduring star, he set the wreath taken from her forehead in the sky. That constellation flies through the slender breezes, and as it flies, the gems in the crown are transformed into shining fires. Her wreaths, their appearance remaining, now stay in one place, between the one on his knees, Engonasin, and the one holding Anguis. 159–68). 34 In this case, the “story” told by the simile parallels the construction of the Metamorphoses itself, an artfully confusing sequence of interlocking stories, the narrative thread of which is soon lost.

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