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With decreasing distance, the potential increases to positive infinity inversely as the twelfth power of 46 2. STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS AND MECHANICAL MODELS distance. It, therefore, reproduces the essential feature that the forces opposing the interpenetration of molecules increase enormously. However, in the Lennard-Jones model this occurs for r -► 0, and not for a finite r = σ. Another empirical potential, proposed by R. A. Buckingham, has the form *>-i^{H-Kj]-(Tr}< ™ this is sometimes referred to as the exponential-six potential.

T Problems numbered in boldface type are considered relatively easy; they are recommended for assigning in an elementary first course. 54 2. STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS AND MECHANICAL MODELS The particle makes specular, elastic collisions with the sides of the box. Sketch the projection of the phase-space trajectory onto the planes x, px and px, py. What modifications should be made to the above sketches if, upon collision with the wall, the particle is reflected elastically, but rebounds in a random direction from the wall?

In classical statistics the number of possible microstates increases ad infinitum with increasing fineness of the lattice and becomes a continuum in the limit when the lattice is made infinitely fine. In quantum statistics this number is finite and the totality of microstates forms a discrete set. As a matter of interest we may note here that quantum statistics puts a restriction on the volume of an element, A f , and not on all its sides. Assuming for the sake of simplicity that Ax = Ay = Az = ε and Apx = Apy = Apz = δ, we see that the product εδ = h.

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