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With its hovering azure sky and stark landscapes, the yankee Southwest is likely one of the so much hauntingly appealing areas in the world. but dazzling inhabitants progress, mixed with the intensifying results of weather swap, is using the oasis-based society just about the edge of a Dust-Bowl-scale catastrophe.

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MILLY, ET AL. , GLOBAL PATTERN OF TRENDS IN STREAMFLOW AND WATER AVAILABILITY IN A CHANGING CLIMATE, NATURE 438 (NOVEMBER 17, 2005): 347–350. High Blue: The Great Downshift of Dryness 31 decrease. ” But there are problems with that scenario. ” And probably more erosion and arroyo cutting. “And you won’t be able to use that water; it’ll run off ”—which is to say, it won’t be stored and metered out in the convenient manner of a snowpack. In the summer, according to Seager, the Southwest’s high rate of evaporation makes it a net exporter of water.

Bass, the creators of Biosphere II hoped that it would serve as a laboratory where earthlings might learn to package (and eventually export) their bubble of life to distant planets and solar systems. Toward that end, in September 1991, with much fanfare and not a little criticism, eight so-called biospherians, four men and four women, were sealed inside the three-acre complex for a two-year stay. Socially and biologically, the expectations were utopian: they were to grow their own food, maintain a life-supporting atmosphere, and get along as a team.

36 A Great Aridness This was not good news for an already overtapped region that suffered, as one wag has put it, not so much from a shortage of water as from a longage of people. And more people are arriving all the time. first time I saw the maps from Chris Milly’s article. It was at a conference in January 2006, not long after the article appeared. Jonathan Overpeck was speaking. I am an indifferent conference attender: short on attention, quick to daydream. I had been in the hallway chatting with friends when Overpeck began.

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