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The topic of actual research dates to the mid-nineteenth century - the times of Riemann and Cauchy and Weierstrass. genuine research grew up so as to make the calculus rigorous. this present day the 2 matters are intertwined in such a lot people's minds. but calculus is just step one of an extended trip, and genuine research is likely one of the first nice triumphs alongside that street. In genuine research we examine the rigorous theories of sequences and sequence, and the profound new insights that those instruments make attainable. We study of the completeness of the genuine quantity process, and the way this estate makes the genuine numbers the average set of restrict issues for the rational numbers. We research of compact units and uniform convergence. the good classical examples, corresponding to the Weierstrass nowhere-differentiable functionality and the Cantor set, are a part of the bedrock of the topic. in fact entire and rigorous remedies of the by-product and the fundamental are crucial components of this strategy. The Weierstrass approximation theorem, the Riemann essential, the Cauchy estate for sequences, and lots of different deep principles around out the image of a robust set of tools.

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N 1) (k + 1)ยท k 2 - 1. We may solve for Sk,N and obtain (k - 1- N . S2,N - (k + 1) . k 2 . Sk-I,N + 1) . SI,N ] . We have succeeded in expressing Sk,N in terms of SI,N, S2,N, ... , Sk-I,N. Thus we may inductively obtain formulas for Sk,N for any k. 5 N = 1 + 2 + ... + N = N(N + 1) 2 N = 12 + 22 = N(N , , + ... -4-~ S4 = 14 , N + 24 + ... + N4 = (N + I)N(2N + 1)(3N 2 + 3N 30 1) . Operations on Series Some operations on series, such as addition, subtraction, and scalar multiplication, are straightforward.

1) converges. 4 Let bl ::: b2 ::: ... ::: 0 and assume that b j ~ O. Consider the alternating series L~I ( -1)1 b j, as in the last example. It is convergent. Let S be its sum. 15 Consider the series 00 1 L(-l)j-:. 14. 0001 (in fact within 1/10001) 0 ~S. 16 Next we examine a series which is important in the study of Fourier analysis. Consider the series t si~). 1) } We already know that the series L 1,. diverges. However, the expression sin) changes sign in a rather sporadic fashion. 1) converges because of cancellation of the summands.

I ~i + 2J Ii! == i . (j - 1) .... 2 . 1). I)! We can perform the division to see that . ICj+ll=_2 i+1 Cj The lim sup of the last expression is O. By the Ratio Test, the series converges. Notice that in this example, while the Root Test applies in principle, it would be difficult to use in practice. 2 27 Elementary Convergence Tests hence As} -+ 00, we see that lim sup i-+oo lei IIf"J = 1 - < I. 2 o By the Root Test, the series converges. 6 Root and Ratio Tests for Divergence It is natural to ask whether the Ratio and Root Tests can detect divergence.

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