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By Margaret Wade Labarge

ISBN-10: 0886292905

ISBN-13: 9780886292904

This selection of occasional writings by means of well known medieval student Margaret Wade Labarge considers an eclectic mixture of issues and concerns within the background of the center a while. the various lives of medieval ladies, their strength and standing inside society, are depicted via their very own writings; questions of medieval tradition are associated with these dealing with humanity in our time; commute, as skilled by way of the main prestigious ambassador and via the lowliest pilgrim, is explored; and the origins and stipulations of healthiness care are tested. those topics have encouraged or proficient the author's 8 significant ancient works, yet are revisited right here with the readability, wit and self-discipline of a very good instructor. A Medieval Miscellany will provide readers already accustomed to Labarge's paintings new excitement, and supply an attractive course into medieval lives and time for brand new readers.

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