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A research and research of the video games of Bobby Fischer, the best chess participant the realm has ever recognized

New York 1924

A really notable match some of the most notable and recognized chess tournaments ever came about in long island urban in March and April 1924. It had a story that remains extraordinary this day: 3 international champions undisputed global champions, brain you gratifying their future. the beautiful functionality of the 55-year-old former global champion Emanuel Lasker.

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Another exploitation of a pin, and this time it is final, because on the next move 3. Qxd6 will win an entire queen. If not for this check which wins the pinned Black queen, Black’s cross-pin would have saved him. Diagram 29 Ed. Lasker – Avalla, New York 1947 White to move 48. Black’s king is stuck in the center, an unfortunate situation in most openings and middlegames. The White pieces are very active, and the dark squares are under the control of the White bishop. If you keep in mind that we are discussing pins here, and use a little creative thinking, you will be able to guess how the following combination works.

Apparently no way to prevent it from reaching the queening square. But the World Champion saw more deeply into the position! 1. Rxf2! gxf2 2. Rxf5!! Kxf5 3. g4+! The pawn advances with check and frees up the g2-square for use by the king, which can then handle the advanced pawn: 3. … Kxg4 4. Kg2 And now it is Black who must give up, because White’s a-pawn will soon become a new queen. Here is another lesson from a World Champion: Diagram 46 Bogolyubov – Capablanca, Bad Kissingen 1928 Black to move 62.

1. … Kg8 2. e5 h6 3. Ne2 Black resigns The threat is 4. Rxd6, but if 3. … Bxf6 then 4. Qxh6 wins, and if the Black knight moves then the f5-square is available for the White queen, followed by Qh7 mate. 42. Diagram 24 Lauders, 1903 White to move and mate in 3 Here the obstruction arises with the help of threats. 1. Qa7! This threatens Qxc7 mate. 1. … Rxa7 Now the a7-square is blocked, and after 2. Kf7! There is no defense to mate at g8. Pinning 43. If you are already acquainted with this theme, you know that a pin is a tactical idea that prevents or discourages an enemy man from moving off a line lest it expose a comrade to capture or a key square to occupation.

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