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At the end of March 1989 it had twelve credit customers, whose accounts stood as follows, with all figures in thousands of pounds: Customer account no. Owedfrom March invoices Owed from February invoices 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9 14 11 12 Owed from invoices in or before January 8 12 26 22 18 31 5 11 9 14 5 9 22 16 4 21 35 36 Credit Management The same accounts stood as follows at the end of April 1989: Owed from Owedfrom invoices in or March invoices before February Customer account no. Owedfrom April invoices 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 9 17 26 10 11 12 8 11 5 21 9 22 14 12 8 17 4 9 14 5 9 4 9 The managers of Michelsky believe that all of the amounts owed at the end of April 1989will ultimately be paid, with the exception of £8 000 owed on Account 2.

To compute the expected value of receipts from the £237 000 owed at the end of April. 2. To calculate the provision for bad debts that should be made in respect of the £237000 owed, upon the assumption that this amount should be equal to the expected value of bad debts Michelsky Ltd 37 within this £237 000 plus a safety marg in of two standard deviations from this expected value. 3. To work out the present value of receipts from the £237 000 given a rate of discount of 2 per cent per month. 4. To estimate the size of the investment in debtors that Michelsky Ltd will have in the steady state if it acquires new debts at a constant rate of £150 000 per month.

To give an example of this notation, 11 appears as: 11 = [0 0 656369 143984 70316 30605 93884] To obtain the transition probabilities for insertion in the stochastic matrix, it is necessary to note how many pounds go from state k in month j to state k + 1 in month j + 1. The amount remaining , that was in state k in month j but did not pass to state k + 1 in month j + I, is considered to be paid in month j . For k = 3 . 1) Comparing the January and February aging data gives transition probabilities for payment as follows for k = 3 ..

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