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End of poem. Understandably, in the more manageable form of the lyric Ammons exhibits craft, control, and clarity. The lyrics in Collected Poems show that after his debut with Ommateum he shifts his voice, starting with his second book of poems, Expressions of Sea Level. The voice of the Ommateum poems is hieratic, spiritual, and innocent, showing the poet unbounded by time and space and affined to all things in the natural world. Ammons' lyrics from Ommateum through his later poetry are often grounded in observable daily realities; experience becomes more natural than supernatural: though a religious impulse still pro- 28 / AMERICAN WRITERS pels the poet, he sanctifies the here and now: Jersey cedars, bay grass, a rock wall.

Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1996. Pp. 35^-0. INTERVIEWS Bing, Jonathan. " Publishers Weekly, December 16, 1996, pp. 38-39. Morales, Ed. " Village Voice Literary Supplement, November 1994, p. 13. Wiley, Catherine. " The Bloomsbury Review, March 1992, pp. 9-10. —ANDREA SCHAEFER A. R. Ammons 1926- A ARCHIE RANDOLPH AMMONS was born February 18, 1926, the child of Willie M. and Lucy Delia McKee Ammons, in a house built by his grandfather, on the Ammons family's small tobacco farm near Whiteville, North Carolina.

Inkling Press, 1977. The Selected Poems: 1951-1977. New York: Norton, 1977. Selected Longer Poems. New York: Norton, 1980. A Coast of Trees. New York: Norton, 1981. Worldly Hopes. New York: Norton, 1982. Lake Effect Country. New York: Norton, 1983. The Selected Poems: Expanded Edition. New York: Norton, 1986. Sumerian Vistas. New York: Norton, 1987. The Really Short Poems. New York: Norton, 1991. Garbage. New York: Norton, 1993. The North Carolina Poems. Rocky Mount: North Carolina Wesley an College Press, 1994.

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