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By Daniel V. Schroeder

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This article seems at thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. half I introduces recommendations of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics from a unified view. components II and III discover extra functions of classical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. all through, the emphasis is on real-world purposes.

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With this specification, what goes on in the surroundings when the switch S is closed cannot be repeated while the only effect external to it is the change in height of a weight above a reference level. The interaction is, therefore, a thermal interaction. 2 Internal energy Consider a system with an adiabatic, impermeable boundary, which has done on it work that is converted to neither macroscopic (bulk) kinetic energy of the system nor macroscopic potential energy of the system and its surroundings.

While the system is in this position, it absorbs an infinitesimal amount of heat dQ reversibly and reaches an equilibrium temperature ei + de. Then the system is placed successively in thermal contact with adjacent reservoirs and allowed to come into thermal equilibrium with each before being moved to the next one. In this way the system changes its temperature reversibly from ei to ef. 8 Real processes Finite reversible processes cannot occur in practice, as no process is entirely free from frictional or other dissipative effects nor, frequently, can the process be carried out so slowly that at all stages the system is able to adjust to the changing conditions and remain infinitesimally close to a state of thermodynamic equilibrium.

This increase in pressure corresponds to the maximum value of the frictional force, so that, when this pressure p A is reached, a further infinitesimal increase in Ps is sufficient to cause the piston to move by an infinitesimal amount. 5. During this compression the pressure p of the gas in the cylinder varies as shown by the dashed line IF. To make the gas expand, Ps must be reduced, but, because of the frictional force, Ps must be reduced to the value corresponding to the point C before the piston will move.

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