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By Jon Speelman

ISBN-10: 0713460644

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Unique discoveries within the endgame unearthed via Britain's major specialist and global championship challenger.

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C2) 7 £e2!? ¥b7 8 e5 ¤d5 9 ¤xd5 ¥xd5 10 0-0-0 e6 11 ¢b1 ¤d7 12 h4! com INT 2004, route one chess and Black is under heavy fire. c3) 7 e5 The principled decision. ¤g4 8 ¥g1 c5 9 h3 ¤h6 The play was logical and almost forced till this moment where White chooses the most ambitious option. ¤f5 11 ¥f2 ¤d7 12 g4 ¤d4 13 ¤xd4 cxd4 14 £xd4 dxe5 15 fxe5 ¤xe5 16 £e3÷ with mutual chances in Mikhalchishin − Kosten, Budapest 1989) 11 £d2 ¤f5 12 ¥h2 dxe5 13 fxe5 e6 Destroying White's powerful looking pawn centre, Beliavsky,A−Anand,V/Munchen 1991.

Premature. ) 13 ¦xf3 0-0 14 £e1! To tell the truth, I missed this strong move. White takes advantage of having not playing h2−h3 early, and prepares a quite unpleasant kingside attack (Qh4, Rh3). Now Black should be very careful− Klovans,J−Volzhin,A/Graz 1999. Bg4. 10 0-0 ¥g4 a) 11 £e1 A Mortensen speciality. White is trying to get his opponent to capture on f3 without playing h2−h3. The big idea is that he might want to put a rook on that square when he later tries to attack Black's king. ¤c6 12 ¤d2 ¥d7 13 ¤b3 Reaching a position very similar to the Classical Dragon.

14 ¥c4 ¤f6! Black already has the better chances. White's main problem is the bad position of his dark−squared Bishop, Asrian,K− Kasimdzhanov,R/Yerevan 1999. ¤bd7 Both moves normally lead to the same position. ¤c6 Provocative. e5 8 dxe5 (After 8 d5 ¤e7 the position looks similar to a main line King's Indian, but with White's pawn on c2. dxe5 with equality. b) 7 d5 The only way to fight for the advantage. ¤b8 8 ¦e1 e5 9 dxe6 ¥xe6 10 ¥f4 h6?! ¤c6 is better) 11 ¤d4 ¥d7 Now all Black's pieces are very passive.

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