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By Kathleen Freeman

This e-book is a whole translation of the fragments of the pre-Socratic philosophers given within the 5th variation of Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.

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To God, all things are beautiful, good and just; but men have assumed some things to be unjust, others just. 103. Beginning and end are general in the circumference of the circle. 104. What intelligence or understanding have they? They believe the people's bards, and use as their teacher the populace, not knowing that 'the majority are bad, and the good are few'. 2 p. 32 105. Homer was an astrologer. 106. (Heracleitus reproached Hesiod for regarding some days as bad and others as good). Hesiod was unaware that the nature of every day is one.

E. the organs of sense perception) which are scattered throughout their limbs, and many are the miseries that press in and blunt the thoughts. And having looked at (only) a small part of existence during their lives, doomed to perish swiftly like smoke they are carried aloft and wafted away, believing only that upon which as individuals they chance to hit as they wander in all directions; but every man preens himself on having found the Whole: so little are these 52 things to be seen by men or to be heard, or to be comprehended by the mind!

7. Well, but I do all these things under compulsion; and, I think, no one is willingly good-for-nothing or willingly accepts affliction. 1 8. (Epicharmus says) the gods are winds, water, earth, sun, fire, stars; (but I've come to the conclusion that for us the only useful gods are silver and gold). 9. It was combined and separated, and went back to whence it came, earth to earth, breath upwards. What is difficult in this? Nothing! 10. Then what is the nature of men? Blown up bladders! 11. I don't want to die; but being dead—I don't mind that!

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